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Just picked up in a trade for a 02 Mini cooper, a 2012 Jetta SE (2.5l Auto). Came with Airlift V2 Slam Series, Krotov Full Wide Bode kit (un-installed), Andriod Radio, Heritage Wheels (17x10.5 / 17x11.5), VLAND tail lights, Braun Elite S seats (plaid), and Im missing a few things.

I finished mounting the fenders on the car. Once it gets warm I'll get the side skirts on (need a little fiberglass work) and the Duckbill (also needs the emblem cut out filled). Once i do that wrap and or paint will come.

While i would have preferred a 6 speed the trade was WAY in my favor and it only need rear brakes and a rear wheel bearing.
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