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Re: (Gigitt)

Thanks for the detailed look-see! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif You have stimulated a few ideas for me as well(along similar lines). Suggest you try to locate the can in a coolish spot or somehow direct cool air on to it to promote condensation.
I would be interested in the condition of the inside of the intercooler - I assume you will clean it out manually before installing your oil/gas condenser (or if you have done it before, how bad did it get at mileage?).
As an alternative, is there a way of periodically chemically cleaning the inside of the intercooler without ultimately damaging the catalytic converter? Does any proprietary brand claim that their product can do this safely?
(I suppose this is the whole point to the separator/condenser, plus it works all the time rather than having to do a periodic clean up of the intercooler. You can always use a solvent clean up of the separator cannister and s/s wool itself to flush it out occasionally too - just to be sure:thumbup: ).
Good system outcome http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif but the welding would have been a PITA.
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