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My Passat after one year

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GLS V6 5 Speed manual
Positive points:
1. Strong initial pickup
2. No problems (except seat , see below in the negative points) so far I put 15000 miles on it.
3. Excellent mileage ( Min 21 mpg , max 30 mpg). My average 23 mpg.
4. Never had to go beyond 3000 RPM even for swift drive.
5. Feels good to own this.
7. Big trunk
6. All others , body shape, finish , fit etc.
Negative Points:
1. Seating position goes down if I drive for a while if I keep the seating position all the way up. I have manual adjust.
2. Too small tires for the gusty engine, causes spining even in the normal driving. I had the 195/15 tire. VW should make the 205/16 as dafault.
3. I hate to drive in the 4 th gear.
4. Engine sound is horrible in the higher RPM.
5. Ignition drags a little compare to our Jetta VR6.
6. Windshield becomes foggy in the winter rains.
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Re: My Passat after one year (Kanna)

engine sound is horrible? uh, what car are you driving again? get an exhaust, it sounds like sex!
Re: My Passat after one year (3WheelGTi)

I have no real comments - just that "get an exhaust, it sounds like sex!" is about the second funniest thing I've seen on this board.
Re: My Passat after one year (Kanna)

If you don't go over 3000 RPMs your missing half the fun and wasting true power. It's like being married to a beautiful women and never taking her out <I didn't say that>. Go to 6000!!! You haven't lived until you've tried the kick-down. Live a little and enjoy it. Stretch that baby out.
Re: My Passat after one year (Kanna)

For the foggy windshield, try using the a/c (if you're not already using it, that is) as it's not just for pumping out cold air. The a/c will de-humidify the air.
Re: My Passat after one year (Kanna)

Haven't heard of the seat sagging issue before. Sounds like a good one to get fixed on warranty.
I agree about the 15" wheels/tires. Especially after getting chipped, it seemed like I was always breaking them loose on takeoff, and they howled like crazy around corners. Recommend upgrading to 16"; that has made a very significant difference for me.
Re: My Passat after one year (Kanna)

Kanna, I have not heard about the seats doing that. Have you spoke to the dealer? Are you saying that they just go down themselves as you drive?
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