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So I recently purchased a 1989 Volkswagen GTI 16v, and it's been having some issues to say the least.
1. Weird starting issue that started about a week ago. Sometimes the car will fire right up but after driving around town for a while and parking it for a while it would take like 5-10 seconds of cranking to get it started.
This got to the point where it won't even start up after driving around for a while. Car cranks but it just won't start. Trying to crank it over for so long drained the battery ( which I had bought the day before ) to drain, so I had my buddy give my a jump. Would crank over, but no dice. After about 10 minutes of that it starts up out of nowhere. I get going, and at the first stoplight the car dies.
Thankfully it started up again but the idle just wouldn't stay steady and i had to give it gas so it wouldn't die, had to do this the entire way home. After I got home, i tried to start it a few minutes later and it wouldn't start. It would crank but it just wouldn't start.
After I got off school the next day I went out the the car and it started up
i let it run for a while but then it just wouldn't start again after i turned it off.
2. The temp gauge in the dash blinks like it's out of fluid and the gauge goes nuts, even if the reservoir is full and the engine is cold.
3. As stated before, the engine idles poorly.
4. the car bucks under 1.8k rpm's sometimes like the car isn't getting enough fuel or something.
5. Engine has been sounding worse and worse lately.
sorry for the choppy sound. http://www.supload.com/sound_c...8.wav
6. The oil light goes on below 3k after driving for a while...and while on the freeway i have to rev it higher and higher to make it go off. I haven't driven it much at all like this, btw.
Can anyone help me out? The little GTI has so many issues I almost don't know where to start...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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