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I really want this car but its not practical. The exhaust sounds awesome, imagine what it would sound like with an open air filter. The clutch is light. The seats are the most comfortable seats I have sat in. The front grill rules. The ride is compliant. The only problem is that I can't justify $6K more than my anniversary edition. The car is much better than an AE for real. When the exhaust flap opens it sounds like a muscle car. The brakes work much better than the AE's.
I don't want you to think I don't like this car. I WANT one. I just think it's not worth me paying that much more than I am paying now.
The car had 74 miles on it when it arrived at the lot. It was silver with cloth. I put 8 miles on it with my wife. She likes it too.
The salesman is going to work the numbers for me. If he can meet my expected price, I'd consider it. He said 2.9% isn't available. I let him know I was very serious if he could get me out of my car breaking even we could have a deal. .......waiting for a phone call.
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