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My silly little saturday afternoon project.

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I had planned on getting the 16v exhaust manifold ceramic coated. I decided it really wasn't worth the money. I ended up going to Pep Boys and picked up some black hight temp paint. I bead blasted the manifold at work, cut off the pre-heat box mounts. Smoothed that part off with a file. Sprayed it with the paint and later cured it in my over as instructed. It looks very good. I will find out how durable this paint is once the car is on the road, whenever that may be...
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Re: My silly little saturday afternoon project. (tram)

What's up Tram? I did that to the mani in my last Jetta. It came stock with that 4 into 1 exhaust mani so I replaced it with the 4 into 2 one. I have a blaster at home and I did the same thing. I used high temp paint from a company called Estwood. It was like 30$ a pint but it worked really well. I also did the same for a friend of mine and never got a complaint. May the force be with you.
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