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Here is a suggestion for VW Vortex administrators:
Seeing how often sighting threads are locked I suggest that we start an OSP "Official Sightings Post", that way we can all check that particular thread without having to start a new one. I truly do not understand why this would not qualify as a valid post under events and gatherings.
I personally would love to start a new post every time I see a nice car in my neighborhood with the hope that the owner may happen to be a vortexer.
Why you ask? Well meeting people in your area with whom you share the same interests helps us build an even stronger VW community, perhaps help each other in the future, etc.
I truly hope you reconsider your policy on "Sightings" and allow at least 1 thread where we can share them.

I could've been a contender.
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Re: My take on Sightings & a suggestion for VWVortex Admins.. (Tyler Durden)

moving this over to the suggestion box so the admins can see it.
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