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Here is my V6 story from when i purchased her to how she is now..
This is part 1 but there is another chapter to follow.


Well it all started in May 09 last year when i discovered the Audi TT Forum in the UK..;)
I thought the Forum was just for general banter and arranging meets to troll over each others detailing.
But oh no!!! how wrong was I..
Every topic i seemed to look at was..ive got this and i want that.
Well my head was in a spin with all the upgrade products, bling and CF stuff banded about as i was only just beginning to understand that the TTs and Golfs share the same platforms, so there can be some product crossover.
A few welcomes here and there and i was indoctrinated in to the world of TT porn and modding..:banghead:
As im in the NW, Awesome GTI got a bite of my wallet first for some initial mods..
It started slowly at first but then the addiction had hold of me now and Paypal was working overtime to keep up..:facepalm:
I work away from home mostly, so when i go, the indie gets the call to come and pick her up for whatever it is going on next.
Im sure i could keep a small country busy..

I bought her in 2008 and managed to keep my hands in my pockets for a whole year, just enjoying the driving and of course the DSG.. but..

MAY 2009
Audi TT 3.2
V6 54 plate with DSG.
Moro Blue paint,
Red leather,
Colour coded rear parking sensors,
15mph autolocking,
Alarm activated warning,
Bluetooth adapter,
Nokia hands free kit,

This is how she was for a whole year and options above were factory or the previous owner.

JUNE 2009
New A8 rims,
Pirelli P Zero Rosso all round,
20mm H&R hubcentric spacers.

The rims are not to everybodies liking but i dont care, i liked the reflection they gave in shop windows.
Rubber and spacers gave a slight improvement in road holding, which is always good as long as the doors are closed..;)

JULY 2009
Spoiler delete,
Complete rear badge delete,
Red leather arm rest,
5 button dimple rings,
Private plate.

She looks wider and smoother. I like stealth as well..

Matching armrest. Not cheap but very functional..

Dimpled rings improve the look of the buttons. The pic does not do justice to the install..

AUG 2009
Team Dynamics Monza Anthracite 18s,
TT lowered on PI springs 25mm, [crap]
Chrome exhaust tips fitted [ barrow like ]

The A8s eventually wormed and they had to go in the end. TDs are a lot better esp with the 4 pearl in the paint as they change colour from silver to blue to black depending on the light hitting them. The PI springs were too Tiggerish and i hated the way the ride felt.
The Exhaust Tips are nice when close to the body but for some reason they've been fully extended in this pic for some reason..

SEPT 2009
Milltek 6 Branch manifold,
Milltek sports cats,
Milltek res section,
Milltek backbox c/w 100mm tips,
4 new lambdas,
GIAC remap

Top 5 mod. Deffo helps the engine breathe a lot better and the noise is more sportier.
Not cheap, but i like..:eek:

Those cats are so much bigger than OEM. I now have to watch the grass with no heatshield on. See how better exhaust flow has tarnished the back box.

OCT 2009
Carbonio & K&N57i,
Race diagnostics liquid gauge.
Haldex blue performance controller.

Top 5 mod. Breathing is sooo much better and cooler 4C differential between the inlet temp on the Liquid gauge and DIS outside air temp. Its tight fit and there are rubing issues but its in.

This is a good tool for lots of data and EML fault resets/if i have any..

NOV 2009
ECS discs all round,
Red stuff pads,
Goodridge brakelines

10% improvement in the braking department, dont think that will be enough though..:rolleyes:

DEC 2009
Full Eibach adj suspension,
AST adj top mounts,
Eibach 19mm rear ARB incl drop links,
Awesome adj rose joint tie bars,
Powerflex bushes.

WOW WOW WOW, its now feeling like a sports car, reduced understeer to become more neutral and it goes round corners very well and compounded by the Haldex which is now kicking in.

Shinny tie bar and adj springs, i like red stuff you know.

JAN 2010
CNC hand polished big valve head,
New VVT ex cam oil pickup, as the OEM one was worn due to fouled oil ways, its a common fault on the VVT exhaust cam.
264/260 fast road cams,
Ultrasonically cleaned injectors,
GIAC remap,
DSG map,
Clear headlight corners,
Headlight inserts colour coded Moro Blue.

Top 5 Mod. OEM head internals exposed. OO look at all that life blood.

Nice shinny head from CNC.

New seats and bigger valves.

Clear corners and colour coded inserts.

A Santa Pod vid..Its arrived, power is now on tap and feels like my TT has just had some nasal spray to clear all them tubes out.
Click on pic to see the vid..

FEB 2010
Ballast weight off,
Rear towing eye off,
New windscreen,
LEDs in headlights and rears light cluster,
Engine battery cage delete and terminal box relocate.

16kgs of unwanted weight from behind the rear bumper..

Dummy battery cage delete as the battery is in the boot from OEM, the intake pipe can now flex. The terminal box which was on top of the dummy battery box is now relocated and fixed down.
I have made some DIY brackets to allow the battery cover to be refitted.

MAR 2010
Tarox 10 pots,
Tarox pads,
Tarox large front 2 piece discs,
Tarox large rear 2 piece discs.
Tarox rear caliper height extensions.

Off..what a chunk of weight that is. Sold to a 1.8 forum member,that should slow him down for a while.

Then on..oops, im drooling. Ive got good braking now..

Here is a size comparisson of the rear discs..

The power mods have dried up now unless i wanted to go radical with the engine and still keep it N/A which would have been so so expensive.
I phoned Andy at Autograph and arranged a meet. We discussed the options available and discussed SC v Turbo.
I liked the idea of the SC but it is would be a tight fit on the TT, as i had issues with fitment and heat from the exhaust as the SC does not fit in the same place as the Golf boys. Autograph hadn't done a SC on a TT so i went to go and see Ronald over in Holland and had a look round his place and see what was on offer SC wise. He had a TT on the ramps which was nearly finished getting its charger.
No! No! No!. The charger is underslung behind the engine and pipework is so tight and bespoke that i had to cross this off the list as an option. Some nice work he does though, but weird looking with those eyes..:stoned:
Back to Autograph it was to discuss Turbo.
They knew i had concerns over heat issues as the TT was not designed to have a Turbo fitted between the engine and bulkhead. They reassured me that any affected pipework would be re-routed a different way and heat treating of components would be used to keep heat issues to a minimum.
They set to work on a quote..1 week, 2 week,3 weeks went by..

APR 2010
Another private plate,
OSIR Orbit ring,
Engine bling, Forge strut brace, R8 oil cap, Neuspeed Ally expan res cap, Washer bottle Ally cap, Ally trim fixings..

Now that what i call a plate, not very stealth but i think it makes a certain statement..

Nice addition to the interior at night, feels like im in the Starship Enterprise now.

Quotes in, falls off chair. Must be mixed up with someone elses. OMG OMG
Decision time, yes no yes no OMG OMG
Hide the quote from the GF quick.
2 days pass. Im sweating on it. Cant hold on any longer...
Yes Yes Yes. Gave them the go ahead. 6k deposit. Added my own specific requirements to the list and hey ho.
Better get some overtime in for this next mod.
Parts list compiled and design clarified.

MAY 2010
Badged up for the Italy Trip
Milltek non res section fitted.Tunnel Time..:p

30+ TTs all driving to Italy for a week..fantastic..we all had the decals with individual names in the shield.

A little extra stripe and gecko for the fun of it. Private plate went down a storm.

Nice and dirty, the way i like it, in the mountains. OOOOO those passes and the banter..fan bloody tastic.

Tunnels were the best. TTRSs,TTSs, 3.2s and 1.8s, oh what fun and i won a certificate for 1st domestic of the trip when trying to turn 2 lanes into three. Scarry. 2500 miles.

JUNE 2010
Some CF to fit,
Rear light white symetry mod,
Mudflap delete.

Get that bloody stuff off the table, she sezz.

2 out of 3 fitted. Feel a song coming on. I like Meatloaf.

Spats on and flaps off.

JULY 2010
More CF fitted. I like to get to grips with that. Not cheap this CF stuff.

AUG 2010
I have agrred to swap bumpers with this forum member and it is currently in the spray shop where the fogs are being deleted along with the xenon headlight washer doors.

I will try to get the next part up soon as ive got to do some work now..

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Glad you like it so far..

Its now time for my V6T build thread..

There is a large parts list including all manner of strange named components.
There will be no need for water/meth or NOS..yet
All hot parts, exhaust manifold, DP and GT3582 hot side will be black ceramic coated to keep the heat down in the bay.
To preseve the DSG i will be using a performance clutch from the States.


The top end has already been done with a CNC head,sodium filled valves, titanium springs and decent plugs for now.
Hi lift fast road cams have been installed with the head.

Disconnecting stuff and have got her ready for the 3 new engine/transmission mounts to arrive from VF Engneering to allow test fitting of the Exhaust manifold and downpipe before ceramic coating..
Transmission mount

Engine mount

Pendulum mount

These are the best on the market for the 3.2 that are within my price range.

The engine is out and waiting for the mounts to arrive..she is all alone.. hope thats not the new chasis, she is sitting on..

And here is her backside..she is having some torture by the look of that clamp..

Here is the cause for concern..the highly underated DSG..looks complicated to me..

The Turbo,manifold and DP have been sent away for ceramic coating after having their test fit with the new engine mounts.

The block has been stripped down with regards to external components and beheaded [to be put in a nice warm place]..

Sump cover whipped off to expose the oil pickup and other oily stuff..

Oil pick up removed to be stripped down and inspected for wear. It will be re-used if its still good..

The crank thingy with other stuff bolted to it..

Fancy needing help to count to six.. Pistons and rods..heading for the bin..

The bores have been checked and there is no wear or grooving..

Another view of the crank and end..looks like its made of gold.

Both chains and tensioners are going to be replaced anyway as its better to do it now rather than later.. Vagcom revealed they were both sitting at -2 in the blocks, so not bad.

The block is now fully stripped and has been painted a nice shinny black colour..

Autograph weighed the old rods and pistons for refference and they are as follows:
Weights include pistons, rings, caps, bolts and bearings (complete moving mass). As you can see, we have a variation of up to 6 gramms!! The tollerances that these engines were built to is not ideal and an acceptable difference in weight would be 3g but ideallly only 1-2g. A full race engine is within 0.1-0.5g.

The new pistons are all 432-433g each incl pins and rings. The new rods are all between 542-543g each and they were also end-end weighed, the new rods are all within 2g of each other end to end. Autograph would normally match the end weights by trimming some meat off the rods with the die grinder so that they are all perfectly matched however with the total weight being within 1g of each other, you can end up in a never ending spiral trying to get the ends to match and throw the overall weight too far out. Autograph are happy with the weights the way they are and there's no reason to go silly. The new ARP bolts weigh 59g per pair incl washers so the total weight per complete set is 1034g (they will use the lighter pistons with heavier rods to give the same overall weight) saving up to 116g per cyl.

1. We have decided to go for the South Side Performance clutch for the DSG which includes unprated friction and steel plates and just for good measure we are throwing in uprated Viton seals and just to go over the top, all the drive seals will be replaced. The DSG uprated box should be good for 520+
2. Unfortunately the A/C will be going now. We thought it could be saved but the improved air flow by ditching the rad will be a better option.
3. The ME7 ECU and tweaked software by Unitronic will be used to see if we can utilise the OEM package to contol the Boost/Torque which is not as much of an issue as was once thought as the clutch will be able to handle the power going through it. This statement may have to be revised at a later date. but for now it will be given a try.
4. Pipeworx will be providing the de-cat section to join to the Milltek non-res and Milltek back box.

This is the clutch pack stripped down and the saved parts will be thoroughly cleaned and saved till the uprated parts arrive..

The air inlet plenum requires port matching. Here you can see that a rubbing techique will be used to create a template to give an exact shape to follow..

You can see the shape of the ports on the inlet chamber where the block has square ports..

Some pictures of the block sat on its pedstal..

Just a little info for the 1.8ers. The sump on 1.8 TTs is not baffled as you will see in the first pic, but the V6 is baffled and so doesnt require to be modified..
1.8 sump

V6 sump

Ahhhh..the crank with its piston mates, the crank will survive but the pistons wont..The crank has been balanced and found to be within tolerance.

End of part 2..
Part 3 to follow shortly.

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A lot of time has been spent matching and porting.
Here is the difference the port matching has made to the exhaust manifold..

As bought..

You can see from the lighter coloured metal on some of the ports, what needs to come off, so the ports match up..

As bought..

After port matching, the manifold will be painted soon..

The Head cover has been acid dipped and cleaned. Its not 100% perfect as its pitted and will be painted..

The block has now been honed and has been crosshatched at 40 degrees..

Pistons started to be built up..

Piston rings being fitted and tolerances checked and modified to give best fit..

The crank has had new sputtered and coated bearings fitted. Oil pickup and mech pump stripped down and no wear found so it will be reused..

All the bolts have been torqued down and marked..

Top view of the head with the wossers fitted and the cross hatching on show, nice black painted block..

Get your sunglasses on for a look into the shinny stuff..

Well some bits have come back into the indie from ceramic coating.

Here is the Turbo Hot Side and the Exhaust Manifold with a spattering of that ceramic stuff..

A look at the other side of the Exhaust Manifold..

Two strangers about to hook up for a long term partnership..

Here's the happy couple..

Oil Pump Intermediate shaft..New Cam chain and tensioner fitted..

Ah!! the sumps been fitted, nearly missed that one..Head bolts and Gasket ready to be fitted..

Here are just some of the hoses that are waiting to be fitted..

These are the most expensive fast road Friction clutch plates, Steels and Viton Basket Seals in the world, well, feels like it..

This is where the new engine mounts will be going..

Oh dear, that clamp looks as though its causing some pain.

A couple of the new engine seals fitted..

and more..

I was shown the old water pump and its plastic, thought they were metal on the V6..however a new shinny metal one is being fitted. Its not an Audi part but a VW..

Here are some of the aeroquip hoses that are going to be used..

To eliminate spiking and achieve better control over boost, we will be fitting one of these HKS boost controllers..

This is a water way manifold from the A6 which routes the pipework better than the TT OEM one which may be used to improve the water cooling on cylinders 4,5 and 6..

Now a few pics of the block and shinny painted stuff for your amusement..

The steels for the clutch pack have been prepared for the rebuild..

The Friction plates are being soaked before going into the clutch pack..

The clutch pack starting to be rebuilt..

Clutch pack assembly nearly finished or the icing on the cake is nearly done..

New Genesis 630 injectors being prepared to be fitted to the fuel rail..

Oil feed line and New RS4 Maf fitted..

Manifold, Turbo, oil lines and MAF fitted..

The end float is being checked on the input shaft and is within tolerance..

The end float is now checked on the new clutch pack to determine the circlip size required..

Here is a picture of the new clutch pack and circlip fitted..

This is the cover of the mechatronic unit, pretty rusty, this will have to be wire brushed and painted a little later..

The cover is whipped off and here we have every DSG owners nightmare..the inner workings of the mechatronic unit..

Later, for more..


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A direct follow on from the previous post..

Obviously the box has been drained of oil and here is the old filter..

In she goes, a new oil filter to keep that red stuff clean..

Here is the old drive shaft seal and a new one just about to be fitted..

The transfer box is now fitted to the DSG..

The DSG is now built up and ready for a little clean before fitting..

The engine is ready for install and is put on its new wheels, ha ha

The car is ready to receive the engine and box now..

Well, she has finally been installed, its all a bit tight and im glad i went for the ceramic coating to keep the heat within the exhaust system. Just hope the bonnet closes with that red thing sticking up so high..

It was decided to cusom fit the down pipe once the engine goes in as its something that has to be bespoke to the fit so as to avoid any impact issues. Some of the flexi hoses look close to the engine on the near side but these havn't been fitted correctly and will deffo be looking better once the plumbing gets a bit further on,

The plumbing is starting now and i believe there are 32 new Samco pipes to fit so she will be looking nice with new arteries fitted. Wheels and arches look a little futuristic with a view of the rubber through them.

A hair line crack was found at the front of the gearbox as seen in the pic it has been magnesium welded. The crack was only a surface defect but its been welded up just to be on the safe side. It didn't show up untill the gearbox was cleaned, unfortunately it has slowed the build down by 2 days, but hey ho, thats life.

Here is the the throttle body with the welded bead as shown to stop the hose from blowing off once fitted..

Heres the Down Pipe spot welded for best fit, it will be tig welded up and sent for ceramic coating with the external wastegate body..

OEM there is nothing located in the N/S front scoop so this is where this little baby will be going. Its an additional oil cooler with a built in thermostat in the take off adapter that will switch at approx 85C to give some additional cooling.

Here is a pic of the turbo inlet and outlet pipework..

Here is a pic of the water/air charge cooler, in the wrap to keep it from getting scratched, and its position. The air filter has also been put in place..

An overview of roughly where most of the bits are going to be landed..

Ali pipes have been cut, welded,cut and welded to allow for the best fitment.
Hoses have been tried and modded to allow for best fitment as well.

The secondary oil cooler has been mounted and the feed and return pipework has been installed to the sandwich plate..

Wiring looms have been modified where required to remove unwanted wiring and generally ran in to their locations..

Some more wiring..

Some new copper water pipes have been installed..

Here is the 044 motorsport uprated in line fuel pump..

Here is the boost contol electronics ready to go in..

The boost control equipment installed in the engine bay, but will be relocated into the relay box..

Ive had a start button fitted for the pose factor and the hazard relocated

The boost controller has been fitted here..

A slight modification to the exhaust has seen the cats and res section removed..

The chargecooler pump needed a mounting bracket fabricating..

Here is the chargecooler pump fitted in place of where the A/C was, good use of space..

Wastegate is plumbed in, DP wrapped in a temporary coating, charge cooler resevoir installed..

Click to view the vid..

Right, all the major components have been fitted and the car has been running for nearly two weeks on running in maps.
Here are a few pics from the last few days and it's just a case of getting the trim and bling finished off...

As you can see she looks almost finished, just a bit of fettling.

As you can see, the TT is built up and is approx 99% complete.

Put 500+ miles on her, so this running in map, 0.4 Bar boost and oil and filter can now be tweaked or changed and the boost upped to 0.8 Bar, for the next phase of the running in phase.

As a guide on the performance so far..
I set the Liquid adaption to 119% as 100% is for an OEM MAF and the RS4 is 19% bigger.
6th gear at 4k rpm on 0.4 bar boost realised 300lb/ft torque

Went out for a little run out today and i ended up going past one of those places that are just to hard to keep on driving by.
The place in question is Pipewerx.. :p

I just need to say that i had a temporary system fitted by Autograph, but this was not the finished article, but it was functional.
Let me just say, 9 hours of standing on my feet and watching Geoff and Jay work their magic.
Enjoy and look out for the twist..

Put up on the ramp for the guys to have a look at whats on..

Then it was whipped off..

Here is the old girl..

and the temporary downpipe..

A little fabrication later..and

and the downpipe, unfortunately the flange wasn't on in this pic..

but it is on this pic..

OOO what about tips...let me see..eeney meeney miney mo..

little bit of snake action..

and from the back..valance courtesy of Syd..cheers mate..

This is a turbo back system in 3" and some component parts are 316SS for extra strength.
The system is still not complete as i have a QTP exhaust bypass to go on soon.


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Slowly but surely..
Been out for a little play and managed to come up with this off the Liquid gauge..

This was with 0.8 boost and 6000rpm in 4th gear.
Ive just had to change me undies.. :lol:

Went out for another little run with a fellow TT owner in the car and i came back with a big smile on my face and Syd needing new undies..
537 bhp

430 lb/ft

The boost is still 0.8 and in 4th gear i went to 6300 rpm.

The niggles are getting ironed out on a daily basis and the TT is improving every day.
The DSG still has some way to adapt correctly but its getting there and the engine is running well.

Im sure there are peeps in the States running in the 700s with the DSG but the important thing is to fit a high performance clutch and some decent software for the box.

Received a little something in the post today.
This should help keep my feet on the ground.. :p
This is going to be amazing when its painted up and fitted.. 8)

Not cheap, but the best of the bunch in my opinion and doesn't go over the top, looks wise.

To help keep the backend on the road with the extra ponnies added, i purchased a Caractere spoiler from the TT shop and got is sprayed the same colour as the TT in Moro Blue..the rear valance courtesy of Syd was black but that was sprayed the same blue..

Sorry if the TT isn't as clean as it normally is but im affraid ive been having too much fun to even get out.. :D

I thought there was something missing, so with the addition of the new Q7 rings i think she looks better..

Cleaned up the tailpipe today..

Went with the TT Club for a weekend in Germany, it was great..1200 miles in 3 days and no issues apart from using a little more oil than normal, but thats all part of the running in i suppose..

I had some cash spare and bought new rims running new PS3s..its been a very expensive week..

Ive done a little house keeping under the bonnet as i want to keep the weight of dirt off components..

Ive had some good news from the States that the Unitronic Stage 3 BT engine software has been finalised to a final revision and im having myself a piece of that. Other good news is that Unitronic have developed a Stage 3 DSG software package to compliment the SSP clutch thats in, of which im having as well. The engine ECU and DSG Mechatronic/ECU have been readied for shipment to the States. Full encryption has to be done as copying these files by another tuner would render all the hard work done by Unitronic worthless.
To allow the above to work properly im having the injectors changed from 630s to 830ss.
The above option has been a long time in the waiting.

Well thats me up to date.

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My TT does pull like an absolute train and the power is quite progressive which is what im after as opposed to wham bam.
The DSG is the main concern so power is being fed as opposed to instantanious. I may have to convert to a manual box in the future but for now the DSG stays as i love the concept.
As for ride height, it may go a little lower on the back but for now it will stay until the QTP is fitted then i will look at what clearance ive got.
I wont be changing the exterior anymore as what i want is a sleeper as much as possible and side skirts wont enhance performance or traction, they are purely for looks.
Im looking at changing the rims again as these are too too bling and im trying to go for Raderwerks 1 Eleven S staggered.
It will be a couple of weeks now till the ECUs are reinstalled and then its time to rock and roll.
The TT is booked in to go on the strip at the end of June to see what she is capable of and i would hope to post a vid or two of the runs she does.

Hope you've enjoyed the build process thus far and needless to say she is nearly there apart from a full respray in possibly a custom colour.

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thanks steve .
never heard of them .
just googled and checked-out the website .
cool !! :cool:

so are you using them instead of awesome now , or was that just for the conversion ?
I fell out with Awesome as they tried to Rolling Road my TT...failed, but still charged me.
DSG and Blue Haldex dont like rolling roads cos the rears spin up too much and the RR becomes unstable.
Pulling fuse 31 cuts all drive as the ECU sees it as a fault.
Also Autograph are experienced builders.

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I got back last night from my offshore stint to a little parcel waiting for me..
Talking of giving peeps a scare..

Here is a Youtube of the system on another car..
GoTTzilla probably works on the same basis.

Not sure if it will be on for GTi but it will be on at some point.
I wont be letting it open without running an additional extension pipe to either give a side exit or rear exit as running rich will give the odd heat issue.

The TT engine ECU and Mechatronic/ECU has been sent to Unitronic for the latest Stage 3 revisions for BT and DSG,
i will be changing the injectors to either 830/870cc depending on the best setup for the software.
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