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My VR6 is running....

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My VR6 is running very rich, every time I get on it a big o cloud of black smoke exits my tail pipe.....
It only started to do it when I installed my garret chip, anybody know whats going on.......Im tired of people (hondas) thinking my Veedub is a POS
Please help
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Re: My VR6 is running.... (vwvr6gti)

O2 sensors may have taken a dump.
Re: My VR6 is running.... (Eric D)

Mine did that too when I had my Garrett chip in and lots of people will tell you the same. I see many expensive sports cars that do the same thing... Better to be rich then to be lean. Mine would didn't put out a lot of smoke but I could see it when I would floor it or once in awhile a little when I would be hammering on it and then shift.
As long as the car runs better with the chip in then who cares what the Honda guys think because they are the ones noticing it from BEHIND you.
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