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My VW/Audi Secret Journey

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My VW/Audi Secret Journey (Area 51)

About a year ago, I heard from someone that there was a secret facility in Tampa that's got in un-released or prototype VW's and Audi's. Since I live in the area.. I decided to look more into it.
Eventually, I found where it was.. Went there at the times that my source told me that they leave the warehouse. It's a white warehouse.. good sized.. It has NO writing or signs anywhere on the building or around it. Just a "No Trespassing" sign. Oh, and the 4 digit street number.
Anyways, the cars leave in around 5-minute intervals. Sometimes theres more cars than other days. They are ALL VW/Audi cars. And most of them have NO badging on them. One day I tried looking over the fence with my camera, and saw a bunch of Audi Q7's getting engine work done or something along those lines.. This was months before it was released by the way. It had camouflage all around it. They have curtains on the inside covering the cars. Looks like they use the place as a shop too.
Now on to the good stuff.. My friend and I went there 2 nights ago, at the time they leave.. and sure enough they are all leaving.. So we follow the cars that come out, then return to see what the next one is.
We follow numerous Passat wagons, Golfs, A3's.. Then a white Audi R8 pulls out, and we follow that. When we return to the warehouse, there is a large man standing outside the gate along with another smaller sized man. They notice us watching then RUN across the street, at the stop sign that I am about to approach. The large man slams his hands on the hood of my car and asks us what we are doing. He looks like he wants to kill us. I tell him we are leaving, and as I try to pull forward he grabs onto my side mirror and sortof jumps on the side of my car. So I had to back up about 100 yards to get away. Scared the ish out of me.
This is footage from yesterday morning. I'd like to know what everyone thinks about this. Everytime I go back, there will be an update in this thread, with some pictures or video. Hopefully, I catch something good next time..
The first car is either just an S5 or an RS5. They might do drivetrain swaps in the warehouse to test cars on different platforms.
The second car is a Wagon that has no badging.. which is weird. It also had BBS CH wheels, I believe. Iv'e never seen them on that car, correct me if I'm wrong. This makes me believe that they might test engines on different platforms.


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We didn't even have a camera that night..
A few minutes before, one of the Passats came and stopped next to my car, and the guy just stared at us. It's really sortof freaky..
If the big guy pulls that stunt again, I'm calling the cops.
Re: My VW/Audi Secret Journey (PAULLLLLIN)

Quote, originally posted by PAULLLLLIN »
Its like VW/Audi Area 51 lol

Added to the thread description
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Re: My VW/Audi Secret Journey (BoBoJoe)

UPDATE 7-17-07
Video (R32 and other various cars):
Went back today. Here are some pics.. and a video coming in the few minutes..
1. This picture shows the gates opening.. the cars leave in around 3-4 minute intervals. This shows a normal looking Rabbit pulling out. I'm pretty sure there is a White R32 in the back.. we caught a blue one on film which will be posted soon.

2. Gate closes.. he drives off.

3. Some help would be appreciated on this car. I think it says S5 on the front badge..?

4. Here it is again..

5. Back-side..

6. Another large Audi pulls out.. there are alot of these leaving the facility.

7. The new Toureg..

8. This would be the new Tiguan model from VW..

9. And again..

10. And finally for the pictures.. this is the new Jetta Wagon..

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Re: (heshootznscores)

Quote, originally posted by heshootznscores »
very odd..
whats with the guy in the fold up chairs in the grass?

That would be my buddy.
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video added

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Pics of the R32 are coming in a few
Re: (bosa)

Quote, originally posted by bosa »

i wanna see white

There's a few more..but these pretty much show it (like you guys haven't seen it already..)

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Re: (grnVdubber)

Details with a vid coming within a half hour.
While the video is uploading..
We saw a Golf City pull out of the facility tonight..
Looked uglyyyyyy. But i'd never seen one. Anyone else?
Ahh it's halfway done uploading.
Does anyone have info on the Golf City???
It was like a cross between a Mk5 and Mk4
Re: (hooper911)

MOVIE MOVIE MOVIE Warning: Might be some language in here..
Re: (heshootznscores)

Quote, originally posted by heshootznscores »
oh, and nice video. crazy..wtf.
so the question is..are you going to go back?

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Re: (Bonfire)

Quote, originally posted by Bonfire »

Just grab one of these and shoot from afar.

The pictures are being shot with a 75-300mm lens on my rebel.
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Re: (poorkid)

Quote, originally posted by poorkid »

do tell......
oh, and nice find to the OP; my guess is that VW/Audi isn't aware that UF is pretty much up the road.......

also, where did the MkV R32 pics take place, I-75?

Yeah we followed her onto I-75
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Re: (audivwdave)

Quote, originally posted by audivwdave »
So why did you guys sit there and let the guy block you in? I wouldve waited til he got out and smoked it around him and ditched him.

I guess we just wanted to see what he had to say.
First words from him, "The cops have been called".
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Went again tonight in the mkv.
They called the cops on us.. really nice female cop comes up to us and says that they have seen us here numerous times. And to not bother them anymore. She knew they were a test facility. She just asked us to leave. So we did.
We got the convo on camera.. but that is basically it.
Re: (heshootznscores)

Quote, originally posted by heshootznscores »

what happens if you didn't want to leave? you were on a public street..what could they have done? Loitering, maybe?

I guess so.. but when a cop tells me to leave.. I don't argue.
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Re: (audivwdave)

We've been going back, and getting chased...and getting the cops called on us apparently.
We've seen Audi Q5's and some other stuff. We will take more video when we go back (this week), if anyone is still interested.
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