The Nürburgring is one of Europe’s longest running circuits and possibly its most famous. Despite that, it has long suffered financial difficulties. Just last year the German F1 Grand Prix was canceled due to those difficulties.

Now, though, there are hopes of a stable future for the track, thanks to a Russian pharmaceutical tycoon.

Forbes Russia reports that, thanks to a recent purchase of shares, Viktor Kharitonin now owns 99% of the track, with the remaining 1% going to Getspeed, a performance company near the track. Kharitonin already owned 80% of the motorsports complex, and reportedly purchased the remaining 19% for roughly $43M.

The investment should make the track more financially stable, and Khartonin has already expressed his desire to reopen talks with F1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone to bring the Grand Prix back.

The track has long been used by automakers to test their fastest cars. Its combination of tight corners, long sweepers, and enormous straights make it an attractive place to test fast road cars, like the Golf GTI Clubsport S .

Its fame also makes it popular with enthusiasts. VW, in fact, will be inviting GTI owners to the circuit later this year to celebrate the car’s 40 th anniversary.

The track is as famous as it dangerous, though. In the past it was called the “green hell” and as recently as last year a spectator was killed at a race. It’s being reported that with the deal, safety improvements will consequently be a top priority.