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Nürburgring trip, pix and movies..

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click on the Nurburg link..
ALL of our pictures is there, including the ones that are, well .. hmm.


PS. the red RS is mannys and the black one is Johns(TaviaRS) and the silver with the 18" is ***** (diho) ... and the standard silver is mine!.. so now you know!
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Re: Nürburgring trip, pix and movies.. (SkodaRS)

Do I detect a hint of similarity here. or do we all go around taking photos of the speedo on the Autobahn


Me not as fast (Try taking a pic yourself driving at 120MPH)

Mattias, your check engine light is on!.
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Re: Nürburgring trip, pix and movies.. (mannyo1)

that was just before I had to brake, it will do 240 kmh when a nice pice of road is given..
My CEL is always on, it claims the the catalyst not to be working, due to the second lambda that to far away from the catalyst.. nothing to worry about..
but thats the reson I bought my vagcom..

How's you second lambda mounted on your miltek systems? in the cat?
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Re: Nürburgring trip, pix and movies.. (SkodaRS)

Is that the highest you did in the RS?
Grt. Dick
Re: Nürburgring trip, pix and movies.. (diho)

nope, had to brake, it would probebly done about 240 on the meter..
note; this is on the autobahn, not on the ring, but I wish it was
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