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NA VR6 Build Up....Advice?

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Got a 95 Jetta VR6...In May, I want to port/polish head and intake, cams, chip, and possibly NOS. I've got a good machine shop but would like advice from other VR6 owners on the cams, chip, and use of NOS. I'm shooting for a Schrick 260 or 266 cam and a Garret chip. NOS is an option that is sitting in the back of my head.
Any one have any suggestions or advice? I don't want a super lumpy idle, I want it to be reliable, I want to increase lowend power but not by compromizing top end. Please Help!!!
Oh yeah....will a Garret chip elliminate my 225km/h speed limiter?

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Re: NA VR6 Build Up....Advice? (vento_vr6_dohc)

how many shot you planning on running?
I would personally throw some JE pistons at it and turn up the bottle and watch out


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Re: NA VR6 Build Up....Advice? (vento_vr6_dohc)

268 camns here and not a rough idle at all. Whether or not you want to use Nitrous depends on what kind of performance you want. mId to low 14's with waht you listed is what NA will net you. Also if you do NOS you have to run the stock chip or a GIAC chip for NOS. Basically it takes the advanced timing out and your car is slower unless on the bottle. Thats why I decided against NOS. Im not regretting it either. SUposeddly GIAC is working on a multiple chip system that allows you to change modes. In that case I will definately go Nitrous. Phew.... I'll shut the hell up now
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Re: NA VR6 Build Up....Advice? (vr6willeatyou)

If you want to gain on low end you need to go for something like a 256 or 260(if you can get 260). The 268's are great cams but show their gains at the higher end of the RPM range, and help more with top end. Either cam is a good choice, the power will just come on in different spots. A good head job is important on a VR6, they are very picky about the port and polish job. I would take it to someone who has a lot of experience building heads for our cars. If I were you I would also go for a VGI, throttle body, and maybe some better quality injectors or higher output injectors. Also if you plan on staying all motor contact matrix about their 3.1 kits. Their is a guy on here with the name [email protected] Try to get a hold of him, he can help you figure out what you need to do. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif There is also a guy that builds great heads that matrix resells for now I believe. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif So you could get everything you need at one place

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