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On my 85'GTI the Po wired up th fuel pump to a toggle by cutting/splicing the green wire that runs to the fuel pump.
So while im building my motor i want to get the fuel pump working like it should.So i pulled the relay panel and noticed theres only 3 wires plugged into the relay plug, 1 red,1 yellow,1 green then theres aa brown wire with green stripe thats unplugged from one of the relay ports. I tested all the wires and the red one gets power withe key off, and loses power once the key is turned on.
the yellow had no power,along with the green one.
the brown one how ever gets power for 2 sec while the key is turned on.So where does this brown wire go? is it part of the fuel pump relay? sorry the pics are so ****ty my sister borrowed my camera.
I also do have a bentley but its not my best friend today!
Also the relay number that was in that spot was 167

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