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NB owners HELP!

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I'm trying to figure out if the manual AC knobs in the NB are direct fits to the Golf/Jetta manual AC knobs. Why do I ask, you might wonder?
It pertains to the aluminum manual AC pieces on the NB RSi and people who have the OEM brushed aluminum interior trim in their Golfs/Jettas.
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Re: NB owners HELP! (Imola Yellow GTi)


20AE GTi:

Good Question! They very well may be. I'll check the next time I'm with my VW buddies. Where are you sourcing the RSi parts from?
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On second look, I would say yes, as they look identical (other than the New Beetle's curved dash, which is flattened with the raised knob surrounds).
Re: NB owners HELP! (gt2437)

Just throwing out a ? and praying for some resolution from Blitzen (source).
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