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Need a bodyshop in MA

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As the topic indicates I need some bodywork done on my 03' platinum grey jetta. I live near framingham just as a referance point.
Some A**HOLE hit my car in a stop&shop parking lot and just left. I came out of the store and found drivers side quarter scratched about 10" and dented on the arch
I need a bodyshop you would trust w/your own baby. I have had new cars dented before and have had good bodywork done but, I want best done this time.
So any help in referring me to a shop would be appreciated.
On I side note how do I post pics on here and yes I'm a computer moron so in baby talk please.

okay I got pic part, and the damage!

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Re: Need a bodyshop in MA (CorradoG60)

Sansossio Auto Body in Natick seems awesome... they do a lot of german cars (lots of bmw fanatics go there).
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