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Need a part # for Oil pressure sensor..

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Went to the dealer a while back for it( its the sensor on the oil feed line at the head) but they had no idea what i was talking about. They sold me another part with different tolerances and now the oil light goes off at low revs. I have lost the original part and was hoping someone could tell me what the number was, though you will probaly have to take the piece off.Or if you know where i could get an exact replacement. Someone help please!!
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Re: Need a part # for Oil pressure sensor.. (dubbernutter)

Go to a different dealer maybe?
Edit: or just look over with them as they navigate through their wonderful pictorial engine diagrams for parts.
Re: Need a part # for Oil pressure sensor.. (sold on expense)

buy a used one dude. the dealer will rape you for the part.
try that.
i paid $10 for a used one works as good as the dealers $30 one.
Re: Need a part # for Oil pressure sensor.. (mrkrad)

There are three Vw dealers in my metro area and two of say that the part # from the original which i lost does not exist. I tried those links, left a message with the first one and couldnt find a worthy section on the second. I'll try the dealer again but i doubt they'll have it, maybe they could order it but i really need the part #, the one i bought that doesnt work was only like 5bucks.
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