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need advice on blown 16v...

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i posted a thread about this about a week ago but can't seem to find it. i have a 92gti with a blown 16v and was wondering what options i had, and whether i should find another 16v or do a swap. i was told to find another 16v by "oreganoflow".
the head cracked and oil got into the valves, and also antifreeze leaked in there somehow as well. it's pretty shot. do you recommend finding a used 16v or getting it rebuilt? what are the cost differences and where would i go about finding a decent low-mileage 16v engine?
any advice or help would be appreciated. thanks guys.
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Re: need advice on blown 16v... (jedihendrix)

if the damage was only to the head you may be able to find someone here on the 'tex that is sellin a head for fairly cheap... although it depends on which head you had (1.8 or 2.0) the 2.0 heads can normally be found here on the 'tex from guys who put a 1.8 head on there 2.0 block... i think the going price for a complete 16v (minus altenator and pumps) around here is like $500-$800... alhough if you call every junkyard in your area there may be one that has one that doesn't know what it is and will give it to you for like $100-$300 (don't laugh I saw a low mileage 2.0 16v from a auto. passat go for like $125 once...) good luck though.
Re: need advice on blown 16v... (littledevil34)

When my timing belt snaped i bent a bunch of valves in my 1.8 16v i replaced it with a 2.0 16v for $650. It was cheaper to get a whole new motor than to have the head worked
Re: need advice on blown 16v... (Done2Profection)

i would try to find another 16v
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