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Need advice on Euro Bumpers

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What i want to do is take a set of Kamei air ducts for the bumper and mold them in. Question is WTF is plastic welding?????
What is needed and can anyone do it?
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Re: Need advice on Euro Bumpers (ckone1)

plastic welding is using molten plastic and filling the gat between the duct and the bumper
it is just like wire feed welding but with plastic
I will be doing something similar soon
I will be using a t part bumper filler/ adhesive
I have done the research and this is what was recomended
Re: Need advice on Euro Bumpers (VReihenmotor6)

Can you either forward me the info you found, or point me in the right direction? PLeeeeaaaasseeee
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Re: Need advice on Euro Bumpers (ckone1)

call up mattos ant ask them
seacrh for their web site
I just asked all the local guys
tell me what you find out
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