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need advice on Sub selections....

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Hey, i got Kenwood deck in my mkIV
now, im making a custom enclosure for 2 12's
what should i get to a max of 120 a sub.....
my biggest choices are either MTX'x or Kenwoods to match the deck....
but from what i hear Kenwood Subs are not the greatest.
i need your opinions, which subs should i get???
pics would be ok, if u have any....
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Re: need advice on Sub selections.... (Zuber Speed)

You heard correctly, Kenwood subs are junk. About the box, get subs first. The box size is crucial. If you save another $70 you can get a pair of Infinity Perfect 12's. The manufacturer recommends a 1ft^3 box per sub but I recommend a 1.25ft^3 box. A good amp for this would be the JBL BP600.1. Here's some links...

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Re: need advice on Sub selections.... (Zuber Speed)

I have a pair of them myself and they sound good all the way down to 16hz (in sealed 1.25ft^3 box). Actually I traded my old Crystal CMP 15's for them. Excellent speakers for sound quality. I'm still in the market for an amp (car theft) but I'm undecided over "go" parts or stereo parts. The amp I had in mind is the Autotek XS1500.1. This lady only has one left. Was going to put 450 to each. Power doesn't kill speakers, distortion does. With this amp I'd have a lot of head room to keep distortion to a minimum. Anyway, the JBL there would work great too. A few more are Autotek SX-1700 (650w x 1 @ 2ohm @ 12v), Crossfire BMF-1000D (500w x 1 @ 2ohm @ 12v), Kicker DX1400 (750w x 1 @ 2ohm @ 12v), Memphis ST1000D (600w x 1 @ 2ohm @ 12v), Orion Pro1000 (500w x 1 @ 2ohm @ 12v), and the PPI PCX-1250 (500w x 1 @ 2ohm @ 12v). Wow, that list got longer that I thought it would...
I guess I'd recommend the Autotek or the Memphis for product vs dollar. Not many amps around that will produce 800 watts at 2ohm mono without going to a class a/b amp. All of these will power the subs very well. If you went much bigger you'd be looking for another amp and new component speakers to help out with the top end. You can find the Autotek on Ebay for an easy buy. Not sure about the rest of them really. Sorry if you're more confused than ever. I'd be happy to help with any other questions.
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