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Need advice please help if you have knowledge about the a4

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I plan on getting a a4 1.8t automatic (not triptronic) 96.97 or 98 model. Just wanted to know is there any known major problems with the older model a4's. Are the a4's good cars for the long run?. i plan on driving this car for about 10 years, will this car last 10 years with no major problems. I will surely baby my a4 i love them with the passion. After driving an a4 who wouldnt love it. My last car was a acura and test driving an a4 is like a walk in heaven. The suspension, handling of the a4 is much more superior. I love a4's !!! If i dont get a older model a4 within 2 weeks, i plan on driving my pos for about another 5 years and getting a brand new model a4. Please reply if you have any input.
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Re: Need advice please help if you have knowledge about the a4 (NeedAdvicePlzHelp)

forget about getting an a4..you should listen to your friends and get a green GTI and join their club !!! hahhahahha VDUB FOR LIFE!!!!
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