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Need advice with shifter rebuild ?

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I bought a kit and i really need to change the little shifter ball asap
the little ball that sits in the plastic holder at the end of the shifter
mine is call cracked up and i cannot get my shifter into 5th gaer there
is to much play. I removed the 2 nuts and the little cover and tried to pull
it out but it would not come out. I really wish i had a Bently right now so i
finally just ordered one only took me a year
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Re: Need advice with shifter rebuild ? (VDUBLUVENTO)

You must remove the shifter box to replaced the ball.You have to remove the exhaust and heat shield to remove it. Having a lift make this job easier. Sorry there is no quick fix for this. A bentley is must.
I also would like some advice on this (I was going to create a thread on it). I have a complete linkage to rebuild with the complete bushing kit, and I was wondering if sombody who has done it has any special advice. I have the bentley and I expect that everything will be self expainatory as I do the job, but please let me know if I am wrong about that.
Do you have a part number on the sifter rebuild kit, that plastic peice that keeps it from going into reverse is broke so i dont have to push the shifter down to get it in reverse!
Re: (Sn0wMaN)

I don't think the "reverse-block" is a part of the rebuild kit...wasn't on mine. It's pretty straight forward once you get the exhaust and heatshields down. My Haynes manual was of NO help whatsoever, the crappy explanation made me bust up the new shifterball, so I had to wait for days for a new one....
Re: (Sn0wMaN)

Buy the complete kit from http://www.parts4vws.com/catal...98211 . This has EVERYTHING you need to rebuild the linkage. The white reverse lockout tab is actually part of the shifter which comes with the kit. It also includes the reverse lockout white glide plate with new rivets, All bushings and linkages, relay shaft with ball, and shifter ball and cup. It even has the alignment tool.

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Damn that 120 bux, it would be nice to rebuild the entire shifter but all i really need it that plastic piece, ill prolly get that kit eventually! Thanks
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