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Hey People,
The time has come. I'm doing my boser on my car.
My dad does body work and custom modifications for a living. Me and my dad will be modifying the hood to give it the boser look.
My dad asked me that he will need some information on what are the preperations and how exactly to fit and mold the additionnal part that you add on the hood. I already have a couple of pics and a general background on how to do this... But what would really help him he said is to know how to cut, mold and then how the soldering is done.
If someone could provide me with visual examples and steps on what to do that would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
Thank alot for your time guys & girls.
Volks away!

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Re: Need as much info as possible (lowrider)

People to talk to:
boost inside
andyman716 (i might have the numbers off a bit)
these people have bosers. Boost inside did it himself. The others had a big say on how to do it.
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