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Need BOSCH part# for 2.0L MAF

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I'm trying to track down the BOSCH part#'s that are on the actual MAF sensor for a 2.0L in order to figure out if I can use the 2.0 MAF in my VR6. I (and others) suspect that the actual sensors are the same and just the housing is different (difference in calibration due to housing diameter taken into account by ECU) and that sensors may be able to be swaped. Unfortunately, so far no one has posted any concrete evidence (i.e., part numbers) to support/refute this. BTW, I have a thread going in the Golf IV & Jetta IV forum, but no one has responded with any numbers. You can check it out here:

Here is what I have from my VR6 MAF.
On the ouside of the MAF housing tube:
VW #: 071 906 461B
Bosch #: 0 280 218 017
On the MAF sensor itself:
Bosch #: 00C 2G2 032
There was also: 868 303 A (maybe a serial #).
Is there anyone with a 2.0L who happens to have the corresponding numbers from their MAF or would be willing to take their MAF out of the housing and get the number off the sensor itself?
Thanks for any help.

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Re: Need BOSCH part# for 2.0L MAF (VgRt6)

Here's #'s off MKIII 2.0L MAF if that helps:
Bosch 0280 217 117
ID of housing about 2.375" http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Need BOSCH part# for 2.0L MAF (spitpilot)

Is that number from the outside of the housing or from the sensor inside the housing? I'm most interested in the numbers from the actual sensor inside the housing (requires removing the MAF - a T20 Security Torx driver is required on an Mk.4 VR6). I forgot to say that I needed the numbers for a Mk.4 2.0L MAF, but it would be great to have numbers for a Mk.3 as well. I don't know when VW switched to the current MAF design.
Thanks for you help.
Re: Need BOSCH part# for 2.0L MAF (VgRt6)

I posted the # from the outside of the MAF. Given all the warnings about how sensitive the sensor is in the VW tech bulletins..I'm not real keen to pull mine apart. I'd guess the VR6 is way differnet than an ol MKIII 2.0L anyway.
Re: Need BOSCH part# for 2.0L MAF (VgRt6)

I haven't checked recently, but http://www.vwparts.com has been advertizing VR6 MAfs for about $160 (I think)...which is much cheaper than the A3 2.0 MAF.
Re: Need BOSCH part# for 2.0L MAF (spitpilot)

I've taken my out a few times and not had any problems. I think as long as you disconnect the (-) battery terminal it should be OK. I've only had it out of the housing long enough to read the part numbers. Don't take yours out if you don't feel comfortable doing it. I don't want to ruin anyones MAF just to get some numbers. I was hoping someone might have to take theirs apart for some reason and could get the numbers while they were in there.
I have no idea how different the A4 VR6 MAF is from the A3 2.0 MAF, but it's interesting that the outer BOSCH part numbers are pretty close. There's a good chance that the MAFs from A4 VR6s and 2.0s are identical. The Bentley shows graphs of resistance vs. temperature for both of them (for checking the intake air temp sensor, which is integrated into the A4 MAF) and they are the same.
A4 VR6 MAFs are around $200 and A4 2.0 MAFs are closer to $50. That's why I'm trying to figure this out. There is a good chance that VW is trying to swindle an extra $150 out of us VR6 owners. I (and many others) would rather give VW $50 instead of $200 for the same product.
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Re: Need BOSCH part# for 2.0L MAF (VgRt6)

I just recently had to replace my MAF, the part number for the MK4 2.0L is: 06A906461A. I don't see why the 2.0L MAF can not work on the VR6. $200 is an outrageous price to pay for an MAF. Hope this helps you out.
Re: Need BOSCH part# for 2.0L MAF (2.0LGtiPwr)

You're right, $200 is a outrageous price to pay. That's why I'm spending the time to figure this out for myself and other VR6 owners.
I believe the part number you listed is VW's part number for the entire MAF assembly (housing and sensor). What I'm looking for is the number on the sensor itself. This requires that the sensor be removed from the housing, which is why I'm having problems getting the correct numbers.
The 2.0 MAF may not work in a VR6 if the sensors are different. The airflows of the two engines are different and thus the measuring of the airflow would also be different. I believe the housing diameter of a VR6 MAF is larger than that in a 2.0. As a result, different airflow calibrations must be used. There are two main ways to account for the differences.
(1) If the actual MAF sensors are the same, differences in actual airflow due to differences in housing diameter (and thus in the actual air volume passing through) could be accounted for by the ECU after the measurement is made.
(2) Two different sensors could be used, each of which is calibrated for it's respective housing diameter, giving a correct airflow measurement which is not adjusted by the ECU.
To me it would make sense to use method #1 - this would be great for VR6 owners since sensors would be interchangable (but used with the appropriate housing) and we would save a lot of $$$. But knowing VW, they may have gone with method #2. That's why I'm looking for the BOSCH part #'s on the sensor itself, to figure out if they went with #1 or #2. I know for a fact that VW's and BOSCH's part numbers for the entire MAF assemblies are different, but it's possible that the sensors inside the housing are all the same.
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