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After doing a hefty amount of research I've come across a few different Solenoid Kits. My question to you guys out there???

01. Should I only replace the Solenoid I'm getting the Error Code on? N89 (P00260 error code)? $35.00 for the one Solenoid

02. Replace the N89 and N88? Both are the On/Off Valve Solenoids. Which after reading and watching videos, they are supposed to be the ones that rarely fail. $54.00 for both Solenoids

03. Replace all the Solenoids? N88 & N89 (ON/OFF Valves) and N90/N283/N282/N92 AND N91/N93 (Electrical Pressure Control Valves/Modulation Valves)? $200 - $250 for the Modulation Valves/Solenoids + $54.00 for the On/Off Solenoids

04. Replace the Entire Valve Body, around $850.00 - $1200.00, depending who has it in stock

Plus an additional $125.00 - $150.00 for Transmission Service Kit Includes:

6 Liters Transmission Fluid
Transmission Filter Kit with Pan Gasket
Transmission Pan Bolts
Transmission Drain Plug
Transmission Drain Plug Sealing Washer

My Mechanic said he could do this for about $150.00 - $200.00
I need to replace the n89 shift solenoid on my VW as well as the shift selector - where did you find these parts I can't locate them anywhere
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