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Anyone using other ballast than the OE. I got a pair of 2002 hids without ballasts.
Im gonna buy hella ballast, the problem is the connection bettween ballasts and headlamp. Is anyone using this set up that can help me out. Do i need a harness for the new ballast to connect?
I found some part numbers but im not sure what im after
Intermediate patch cables:
Light harness: 1J1 941 607 C
Wiring ballast left: 1J0 972 813
Wiring Ballast right: 1J0 972 813

please help me if you can

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Re: Need Help 2002 Bora HIDS without ballasts (Styles-N-Motion)

1J0 972 813 "A" is for the right side harness, 1J0 972 813 is for the left side. These are the harnessess that connect the ballasts to the back of each headlight. The PN for the ballasts you will need (2 ea) is 1J0 941 641.
Not sure where you got ht the other number... it may be a dropped PN since I did not locate it in my ETKA.
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