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2003 Volkswagen Jetta GLI
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Hey guys. so im going to make a long story really short here and if we should connect, or if there are questions i will answer as they arise. dont want to bore with a long read..

Anyways, 03 GLI galactic blue 6 speed 102,xxx mi long list of parts to get it sound mostly OEM few after markets.

i just moved to florida.. well like 6 months ago.. jus got the car brought down. this has been the most costly venture ever..car and move

i have some repairs that need done and ive been screwed over twice now and my car was left off in worse shape. this car is my baby. my pride and joy. the only thing i have ever been able to have that shows im not a total failure. and im not rich either its just unfortunate that i love the most expensive cars on the planet.. mk iv volkswagens lol.

if someone has a lift or is handy with jus their jack, stands, and right tools, i need to get my axle replaced.. passanger side.. both motor mounts up top. and someone stripped out the bolt hole where my dog bone mounts to trans (through the bushing) and so that needs figured out too. i have all the parts and hardware needed and if need be the space to work on it. i dont have a jack as that was left in pennsylvania where i moved from and i wasnt able to retrieve as i flew down with 1 bag and thats it. and the friend who had my tools and stuff....my best friend... committed suicide shortly after i left. this was to be my new beginning in florida as i have not done much with my life due to whatever reasons (i refuse to pass blame) and its been the worst new beginning ever.. not that ive had many lol ..

anyways im in good spirits i jus need my car so i can continue to live out my dream of a daily show car that makes me some monies haha. currently the car is in tampa btw.. after i picked up from last ppl that screwed me over i couldnt get it home without doing more damage.. home is wesley chapel.

just hoping someone can help.. i will pay u as fairly as possible.. i know its labor intensive. i also understand how valuable ones time is and i respect that as much as i respect the value of mine if not more. but like i said im not rich. i asked for a quote from das autowerks and they will get back to me monday after they return to work but like i need my car like yesterday. unfamiliar area, people, limited resources, blah blah. ive got an entire sob story i promise lol but no need for that i jus need to get back on my feet.. if you think you have the time, tools, and need a few extra bucks but wont completely [email protected] my wallet. plz get in touch. if you are not FULLY CONFIDENT IN YOUR ABILITIES AND DO NOT HAVE AT LEAST EXPERIANCE DOING AFOREMENTIONED REPAIRS AT LEAST ONCE PLEASE DONT FURTHER COMPLICATE MY SITUATION BY 1 ASKING QUESTIONS, 2 TAKING ON A TASK YOU KNEW YOU COULDNT HANDLE. i appreciate in advance and im sorry if i sound like a butt head... im not at all i promise.. i just am sick and tired of being sick and tired.. thanks guys.. happy new year and stay safe.. stay positive
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