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So i bought this nitrous kit on ebay from a guy in Fredrick, maryland off his car (he said it was a wrx). 560 dollars was paypalled to him 3-4 days after.
Heres the link to the auction:
I got an email on the 17 stating that he was unable to ship the item out until monday due to some personal problems, and he will provide me with a tracking number on monday (20). (I need this kit by tonight, the 25 for a car show)
So low and behold no email so I email him back the following emails in regards to no tracking number, not calling me, and not recieving my kit
"Hey whats up .. jsut wondering if you sent the nitrous kit out yet. Please let me know when you do and provide me with a tracking number. Please call me when you recive this email, i sent you 558 dollars i believe through paypal.

Thank you,

"Hello, the nitrous kit will be sent out on monday. I will provide you with a tracking number as soon as it is shipped. I am sorry it took me so long to respond but i've had alot happen this past week. thankyou for being so prompt"
ME Tuesday 21:
"Did you send the kit out yet ? I have a car show this Saturday and this nitrous kit must be here by then. I have given you plenty of time to ship it out so hopefully it will be here tomororw so I atleast have on day to install it. Also can you please provide me with the tracking number? You said you would send me a tracking number when you shipped out, yet i havent recieved one yet ... so you can understand that I am getting nervous. Please respond to me ASAP

ME and then Friday 24:
"Ok, ive been trying to keep my cool. I sent you the money over a week ago now. All I've heard is that you will ship it monday and will give me a tracking number when you do. That was last friday. I still have not heard from you. I really do not want to have to have to take matters into my own hands. I had to withdrawl my submission to the car show because this kit was not here this week.
If you do not plan on sending the kit and are going to keep my 560 dollars, just straight out tell me. If that is the case then I will have my lawyer contact you.
I understood that you had some sort of emergency last week, but this is kind of getting rediculous with the lack of communication.
Please respond to me asap,

I know im antsy to get this but I do not think Im in the wrong for getting agrevated for not having my nitrous kit delivered yet, and the lack of communication which is unacceptable. Im getting really agrevated that I havent gotten the package yet and/or even a tracking number or reply
Ok so what Im wondering is if any of you guys know him. He has a WRX and had a Nitrous Express Kit with gen 2 upgrade in it. His name is DAN WINDSOR, and I have his adderss as well if it comes to the point where i need to supply you guys with it. ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED !!!

Does anyone know this guy? And if you do can you find out whats going on? Thanks guys i appreciate ... you can reach me at hurleysurf24 on aim

EDIT: It is now Monday the 27, and still no kit or reply

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