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My mechanic (good buddy) does mainly routine work (well, let's put it this way: he doesn't do much aftermarket/performance work)...
He does suspension work but not H&R Race springs...
Here's my setup:
H&R Race and Bilstein Sports
'98 GTi VR6.
Pleasure driver.
I had H&R sports and wanted a bit stiffer.
When he went to install the rears he said that it looked like if I got the slightest bit airborne (or even close to fully extending the suspension) that it looks as if the spring may not come back into it's seated position.
I asked him to call the supplier and talk to them directly and was told that,
"that's the nature of the beast with race springs.".
That worries me a bit.
Do you guys know what I'm talking about?
If so, is this true? Is there a chance that if I hit a crest of a hill at a high rate of speed (try not to) that my suspension could get fully extended and my springs may not come back down and seat properly?
My biggest worry is losing control of my car b/c of an incident like this.
Please put me at ease, guys.
I figure H&R wouldn't make a spring and suggest it to be used with this bilstein product if it would cause an 'issue' like this.

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Re: Need Help: H&R Race/Bilstein. Will my springs pop out if I get airborne? (nater)

Yes the rear will "unseat" when the car is on a lift or "airborne". The fix is really simple. Safety wire or a "hose clamp" will keep the springs in place.
Use a hose clamp or safety wire and wrap it around the last coil on the spring at the lower seat (the cup has slots there so no drilling is needed here). You should also do the same at the top, but here some drilling is needed.
This way the spring stays in place.

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Re: Need Help: H&R Race/Bilstein. Will my springs pop out if I get airborne? (briang)

I doubt it will go out of position. With your shocks fully extended, there still isn't enough space for the spring to totally uncompress and fall out. The spring still has tension in it thus holding it in position.

Edit: Opps, I thought this was for the MK4 golfs.

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