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Need Help Immediately

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I just noticed something that is scaring me a lot. When I accelerate in my VR6 I can hear a strange vibrating noise in the rear passanger side of the car. It almost sounds like a strange clunking noise and then a vibrating. I have no clue what this could be. Could you please help me to diagnose this problem. Thank you very much.
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Re: Need Help Immediately (28)

quote:[HR][/HR]man if you want help immediatly your going to need to post some sweet pictures[HR][/HR]​
That is so the truth, if they dont see a pic link they dont check it out!
Ya, check the exhaust hangers and such, mine did that until SLC4ME change it. Also, make sure all your wheel bolts are tight, and if that don't work check blinker fluid!
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