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need help, intake heat shield

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I need a heat shield to protect my intake from sucking all that hot engine air. Has anyone done this themselves or do they make one for the '93 vr6 motor. A customized one will work but what material do I use? Or is a box around the air filter pointing toward an outside hole so it can suck in the denser colder air into the engine. Hope this makes sense.
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Re: need help, intake heat shield (gholland93)

I used a fireproof ceiling tile. I think this is one of the best things to use. It isolates the filter completly of any heat from the engine. I covered the side that is by the engine with A/C vent material, kinda like aluminium. and painted the whole thing black. I used rubber tubing that covers A/C lines or water heater pipes for the top to seal with the hood. Its totaly cool, Pun intended
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