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ok i need help! I really need a chip for my 01 a4 1.8t...i dont want to much boast iam thinkin 10 or 12psi just so its a bit faster. I know at pro-imports they sell revo and they can set the psi to whatever i want.
Here is the problem. My dad thinking he knows it all believes that as soon as i chip the car my tranny, engine, adn turbo will go prematurly (this might be right i dont know). So basicly if I get the revo he will never know. I will get the spsI so i can turn it off whenever i come home. This is were i need help. I thought i had it all figured out get the revo get the sps1 no one would know its chiped(dad/dealer). Then last week my friend took his gti 1.8t to the dealer(his is revoed). He had the revo turned of and was suppost to be "undetectable." well he got a nice call from the dealer sayin they couldnt honor the warrenty bc it had been chipped. He had to yell at them and tell them to prove it (told them to drive it and see if it was fast and try to find a chip) well luckly they finially said ok. The dealer said that they knew it had been chiped bc the ECU clocked overboast. when i heard this it pissed me off bc that ment i couldnt revo my car.
Today i called pro-imports and asked them a few ?s: would the dealer beable to see revo and they said no. then i brought up the overboast bein clocked on the ECU and they said that shoudlnt happen, then i told them it happend to my friends car.
My ?s are:
Is revo 100% safe for my car?
How what is the least amount of psi i should run and still beable to notice the deffirence?
Can the dealer or anyone else see that there is or was revo on my car in anyway after i turn it off with the spsI?
Pro-imports said they could reset my ECU before i bring it into the dealership. Would they notice that is was reset? Will reseting it mess anything up?
Basicly I am trying to gather as much info as possible. If you have anyother info i would love to know it. So far people have been giving me half answeres and i have had to find stuff out by acciendent. Please Please help!!!
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