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Ok yesterday I went out and bought
2 Soundstream r-10sq Subs 500 wat
and a Rubi1000-2 1000wat amp
a cap.
Ok I am trying to find really good pics of some installs some people did on there corrado.
I need Ideas too oh yeah and I dont have a back seat but this is what I was thinking give me your ideas.
I was thinking of putting the two subs at a slant the one on the right pointing towards the left and the one on the left pointing towards the rear and in the middle have the amp with the cap. above it but than I was thinking this is going to suck only one seat for one women OH NO can't do that so I was thinking of making a middle seat in the back kinda like a
_ _
where the * are the subs and the I_I is the seat what do you think? oh yeah it will all be fiberglass painted the same as the out side and then the seat will have black cushions?
I really need some pics for some ideas?
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