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Need help quick on brake pads!!! Costs of pads and labor?

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I am getting my brakes inspected right now... I was wondering if anyone can tell me how much its gonna cost? They tell me $180 for front pads & labor and rears are $160 pads & labor... This does not include rotor turning... I don't know too much about cars so please someone help... i have a 2000 jetta
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Re: Need help quick on brake pads!!! Costs of pads and labor? (rogeshoe)

Hey guys thanx for the info on this thread -- very useful.
I'm ready for a pad change now (geez sounds kinda bad), and am going to go Mintex all around ... I've heard good things about 'em.
How do I know if I need work done on the rotors / new rotors? 38k on the car, and no scraping sound, but the brakes are whining a bit and the braking performance has dropped off significantly over the past few weeks (i.e. I assume that means I need new pads).
I do _eventually_ want to do a full brake upgrade, but right now I just want to keep costs down so if I don't need new rotors I'll save on that...
Any info would be appreciated...thanks!
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