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Need help quick on brake pads!!! Costs of pads and labor?

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I am getting my brakes inspected right now... I was wondering if anyone can tell me how much its gonna cost? They tell me $180 for front pads & labor and rears are $160 pads & labor... This does not include rotor turning... I don't know too much about cars so please someone help... i have a 2000 jetta
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Re: Need help quick on brake pads!!! Costs of pads and labor? (rogeshoe)

Not to sure about the price of labor or anything. But I bought brand new from potterman's a OEM rear rotors and Mintex brake pads for +/-$88. I will be doing the install myself which requires buying a special tool, or renting it from pep boys. The fronts are similarly priced maybe a little more and no special tool is needed that I know of. Just letting you know that if you are to buy the parts seperatley it would probably much cheaper. Also if you can do the labor, thats free too! $300 for rear and front brakes seems pricey. Buy the pads from pottermans and go to midas to have the rotors turned and the pads installed. That would probably be the cheapest way to go IMO. Potterman's is http://www.parts4vws.com.
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