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Need help quick on brake pads!!! Costs of pads and labor?

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I am getting my brakes inspected right now... I was wondering if anyone can tell me how much its gonna cost? They tell me $180 for front pads & labor and rears are $160 pads & labor... This does not include rotor turning... I don't know too much about cars so please someone help... i have a 2000 jetta
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Re: Need help quick on brake pads!!! Costs of pads and labor? (rogeshoe)

I had the exact same thing (grinding rears) last week and had the car to the dealership. Needed rear rotors and pads. Fronts were fine. DON'T DO IT!!! The dealership is going to cost about $400
for the rears only. They charge $90 per roter, $78 for the set of pads and about $150 in labor. Then theres tax and the misc parts.
Get yourself the parts from potterman or germanautoparts.com and have somone local do it for you. Or, get a bently and DIY. I should have.
When my fronts go, I'm going to get crossdrilled rotors for 1/2 of what the dealership chrages for OEM and some Red Box pads for about 60% less then dealership for OEM. In about 10k, i'm going to change the rears again and probably put on Red Box pads.
BTW, 26k on the car, that's a bit early to me. And not under warranty

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