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Hi all:

I am having issues removing the big steering wheel adapter from my 1992 VW Gti.
I have rented a couple of pullers and cannot get this adapter off.

Is there an adapter that anyone has used that you can recommend.

Or if anyone is in the Toronto (North York) area, I would love a hand, I can offer beers/cash... please let me know.

Or is it safe to cut off with a Dremel, I am worried that I will damage the steering spline.

Thank you,

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not to be rude; but why would you be posting a question on removing something as simple as a spline adapter in the 16v forums?
because you car ha sa 16v in it?
you could have tried the platform forums that match your car; the interior forums; fabrication if you wish...

I am not sure how badly you have mangled the adapter yet but when I pulled them off my cars to run mk1 steering wheels this is what I do.

there is a minor lip on the length of the adapter. not even 1/8" step.
grab a good name brand vise-grip; no Chinese crap; preferably with a rounded or curved jaws so as you clamp it down it follows the shape of the adapter periphery.

take a 3 prong; not a 2 but a 3 prong generic puller and use the puller onto the vise grip.

that is all.
I have pulled about 4 or 5 of them this way.
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