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Hello everyone,
I am new to Volkswagen . I have 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 l TSI engine
Today I had an engine code P0507 with is pcv /oil separator issue. Engine made whistling loud noise and run a bit rough (idling rough)
I google search and replace PCV/oil separator which is mounted on top of the engine. P0507 is solved

I decided to pull the engine oil cap and there is a huge vacuum suction . Engine would almost stall when I had the oil cap off. Then I see a bunch of engine mixed fired code. I cleared and engine is idling fine with oil cap back on. Car drive is fine too. However the vacuum suction under oil cap is there there.

I pulled the oil dip stick out and same, there is suction as well and engine idling speed change but not stalling.

I’ve check pcv install and check all 10 mounting bolts . All are fine.

Question .
Car was running fine until this. What could be the problem with vacuum under oil cap? Do I have a defective PCV module? I tried to disconnect the plastic “S” tube connecting from intake manifold to PCV. Engine stalled . Leave it disconnected. Engine start then stop right away.
I bought the PCV module from auto part . Not from VW dealer. Part looks exactly the same.

Note: I can’t post picture of the part here
Thanks for your time,

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Hey there.

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