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need help w/ weitec coilovers

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i installed weitec coilovers in my 1998 gti vr6, this past weekend...i think i did everything correctly, (the instructions were in german)....i printed out instructions on how to do an install on a mk3...they were helpful but they werent specifically for weitec coilovers...anyone know where i can get instructions for weitecs in english?....ok next problem...the passenger side seems to be sitting a bit lower than the drivers side, i measured them the same i counted threads on the shock, 21 up in the front and 20 up in the back......ok the final problem, they have adjustable dampining....i know that the rebound is off, how to i set them equally? please any knowledge would be greatly appreciated....thanks....

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Re: need help w/ weitec coilovers (Sivtecbmx)

Counting the threads isn't going to do the job. You must measure each side and adjust it from that point. I understand about the counting but weight is a factor and assembly line tolerances vary from car to car.
Some cars are lopsided from the factory.

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Re: need help w/ weitec coilovers (Sivtecbmx)

so how does the suspension handle ?
i'm surprised there aren't any setting marks on the shocks. ???
so how much (in inches) is the drop ?

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