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NEED HELP with 1.7l gas engine in a 83 jetta

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ok as the title says im having problems with my 83 jetta 1.7l gas engine ,,,the car was running fine ,shut the car off and leave it alone for about 5-6 hr go to start it and the battery is dead ok so i try to jump start it that dont really work cuz the battery was tottaly drained so next morning i buy a new battery starts up and then dies ok so i gave it alittle gas on next start up its dies right away then i notice the fuel pump isnt running when the key is on ok i turn the key to the off position and the fuel system seems to be running then and when i turn the key to the on position it shuts off and so on ..this jetta is my winter car as u can see i dont know to much about the a1 engines my daily driver is my a3 gti vr6 so if anyone could stear me in teh right direction that would be great thanks kris
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Re: NEED HELP with 1.7l gas engine in a 83 jetta (DEGTI)

As far as the battery going dead, you've got a short somewhere that's putting a current draw on the system. Based on what you've described about the fuel system, if it's really doing that, the car won't run at all. Are you sure you're hearing the fuel pump, or just the frequency valve? Get yourself a test light and a volt meter. With the car not running, put the voltmeter on the battery and watch to see if the voltage drops (a digital volmeter makes this easier). If it is, you've got a draw somewhere. You'll need to make yourself a fuel pump relay jumper. It's pretty easy. Go to Radio Shack or the local parts place and buy an in-line fuse holder and a 30amp fuse. Put a male spade terminal end on each lead coming out of the fuse holder. Pull the fuel pump relay and jump 30 and 87 (I think, double check this) w/ the jumper. You should then be able to check and see if the fuel pump is running w/o turning the ignition on.
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Re: NEED HELP with 1.7l gas engine in a 83 jetta (DEGTI)

with the key in the off position i heard the fuel pump running so i got outta the car and to the fuel pump placed my hand on it and it was vibrating then turned the key on i did the same and it wasnt vibrating so i dono im tottaly lost about this thansk kris
Re: NEED HELP with 1.7l gas engine in a 83 jetta (DEGTI)

If the car is CIS or CIS-E fuel injected, wich I think it is. The fuel pump is not suposed to run in the ON position. Only when the vehicle has been cranking will the fuel pump relay energize. The relay recieves a signal from the ground side of the coil when the ignition module is sending a pulse. This is a safty feature so if the vehicle is in a roll over or colision the fuel pump will not continue to run with the engine stalled. Why the pump is running with the key off? I dunno. Defective fuel pump relay / short in the wiring?
Re: NEED HELP with 1.7l gas engine in a 83 jetta (gearhead455)

Oh Boy You have a odd one.
I'll just add to the other replies.
The pump should run for about 3 seconds in ON pos. After that it needs a ignition signal to stay on.
Your car starts and dies because
a. Pump runs in START position but not in ON
b. The cold start injector operates in START pos. Even without the pump running your system holds enough pressure for the cold start injector to pass fuel to make the engine try to start.
c. Your pump runs in OFF position which pressurizes the system enough for the main injectors to run for a second or two.
My first guess would be the ignition switch. They are about $10. Just unplug the old one and plug in the new one ( leave it hanging under the colum). Use a screwdriver to turn it. If it runs fine then install it. If not get some asprin because A1 wiring will give you a head ache. I'm starting to get one now thinking about.
I've learned alot from my Roc, but what I've learned the most is that everybody has a similar problem but with a different cause. Try posting in the A1 forum for more replies. Good luck.
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Re: NEED HELP with 1.7l gas engine in a 83 jetta (DEGTI)

ok i made some leeway but its not 100% yet i was talking to a freind online and he was reading me the haynes booklet on the car and it said to check the relay so i did that and the relay for the fuel pump was alittle rusty but not to bad so i made a jumper to act if the relay was still pluged in and guess what it started and ran i gave it gas it was running fine so after a few minutes i shut the car off and went to the local parts store and they crossed the relay over so to make a long story short i pluged it in and nothin happens .. so i pluged the jumper back in and the fuel pump wont even turn on now so i dono what the hell to do im so lost lol anyway thanks for all the replys sofar wish me good luck kris
Re: NEED HELP with 1.7l gas engine in a 83 jetta (DEGTI)

Do you have a voltmeter? If not buy or borrow one.
connect the voltmeter to the fuel pump power leads
install your jumper, measure the voltage
If you have battery voltage at the pump and it does not pump gas
then the pump is history
If you do not have battery voltage with the jumper in then you have an open wire somewhere which you need to find
Additionaly, I would use the ohmeter and Bentley manual to verify all of the wiring around the fuel pump relay circuit.
Good luck,
fat biker
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