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Re: Need help with German eBay. (anthoughknee)

1. Make sure that the seller will deal internationally.
2. If so, find out how seller wants paid. (cash, wire/bank transfer, paypal, etc)
3. If the seller insists on bank/wire transfer, be careful - this can get costly. My bank charges $40 per transaction and I work there - no employee disount on this!
4. Smaller amounts, say $100 or so, I usually just send cash in DM, EURO or USD.
5. Larger amounts, at least send it registered if you have to send cash.
6. Find out if the seller can take Paypal. (My German parts guy set up an account and that's how I pay him - he has to pay a 3DM (1,50 EURO) fee to his bank to convert the USD to EUROs.
7. Shipping is through the mail - i'd recommend air since surface takes forever.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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