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Ok, I'm gonna bite the bullet and get a supercharger

I've narrowed it down to either the eurotech kit or AMS. I know they are basically identical but I wanted to hear good and bad issues regarding both and for those that are gonna say "Turbo" I'm looking for something that is close to bolting it on and forgetting about it. Yes, I know there will be some maintainence with a s/c. Besides, I have a 2 1/4" exhaust and don't want to have to replace it to get a turbo.

Here is what I see so far:
no encyption board
chip still needs to be tweaked
not sure about service from company or how long it will be to get a complete kit
have not had a problem with other transactions with company
They have been around longer
encyption board on chip
air/fuel ratio runs really lean around 4k

I currently have an autothority chip can i use it or have it reprogrammed for the s/c. Other that the pulley, and tapped oil pan, is there anything else I need to get.

Oh yeah!!! I don't want the z kit cause it is more money for less horsepower.
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