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Need help with VAG

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Ok, here is the deal. just got the VAG software and cable. Have been able to test on another car and it works fine there (20th AE). I have got a r32 with the GIAC program. When I try to access anything with the engine, it fails. I cannot pull faults, nor do TB Adjustment. Get message that controller fails.
Any ideas? I thought maybe the GIAC was getting in the way, but on a buddy's 20th AE with the software, it is fine.
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Re: Need help with VAG (Boxter)

Not sure what to tell you, I have VAG'd many GIAC'd R32's.
Does it have an aftermarket stereo ? Dodgy install can leave
the interface unusable.
Re: Need help with VAG (scoopR32)

thanks for the post. Just had the factory unit replaced, but still factory unit.
Seems to only be the channel for the engine. All others are ok. it is odd.
About to post on the Technical Forum, but will check here again.
Re: Need help with VAG (Boxter)

You're the second person I've heard of having problems scanning codes with GIAC's software...hmm.
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Re: Need help with VAG (BrewDude)

well, count this as number 2 and 3. We had another buddy come by that has the GIAC installed. No go there either. We even returned the car to stock and tried again. Still nothing.
This is not good if the car needs to go to the dealership. They will find it and void the warranty.
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