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Need Help!

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Just got my G60 back 3 days ago after about a 1 year engine rebuilding project(money)...Big Valve Head, Shrick Cam, SuperSprint Header and Exhaust and other goodies had her driving like I couldn't believe. It was getting faster every day as I broke her in and then bam! just like always she broke down....Windows acted up and started going down for no reason when I started it up...It got worse, soon I couldn't get them back up and all the power is gone from the car as the battery seems to be dead. This used to happen before, and an expensive repair job of new handles and window motors was supposed to fix it but I guess it didn't. Does anyone have any clue to what is REALLY the problem and how to fix it. I heard what sounded like a relay clicking near the gas tank when all the windows started acting up. Any help or insights would be appreciated..thanks
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Re: Need Help! (DeepBreath)

There is a fuel pump relay that may be your problem.....check your relay and make sure it is not an open/close short. If you disconnect your windows power will the problem still be there?
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