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I got a bad experiance with my GTI
Few days I was tring to disconect my speedometer cuz I had all the electric circuts ofmy00 1.8t anyway I was looking for the cable that goes from the speed sensor trough the firewall in the dash.Inorder to find the cable I hade to take out the black plastic box right behind the MAF sensor which covers the lights stuff. I put the box back and try tostart the car. My CEL and airbag lights both came on and im loosing lots of torqe between 80 - 3000RPM. On the next day I left the car in the dealership and they said its the MAF but Im positive that its not it.
Today I went there to get something out of the car and I saw my Panasonic Indash CD player blinking ( ON and OFF) I open the door and the cd stopped to blink than I left.
Any ideas???
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