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Need Help.

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Hey guy i may be in the wrong area but i'm new to this for the most part, I have a 96 A4 2.8 and when i hit my brakes and let off i hear a clunking noise on the drivers side and you can feel it in the pedal and it only does it after i let off the brakes at slower speeds. i recently had the car jacked up and noticed i could move my wheel from left to right a little. Could this been a ball joint , that's one a local car x had said. If anyone had any ideas please let me know. thanks.
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Re: Need Help. (98audia4)

Could be a ball joint...could also be a tie rod end. Have a reputable Audi mechanic check it out. It's not too hard to analyze loose front-end things.
Re: Need Help. (VeeReihenmotor6)

This is a powerplant tech forum..I'd suggest you post to either the suspension tech forum or your applicable car forjm! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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