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Need Ideas -- pics

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I've finally came down to the conclusion that im goin to make my own body kit. I'm good with fiberglass so all i need now are some sweet lookin kits to get ideas from.
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Re: Need Ideas -- pics (rabbitmania)

wow wonder what size wheels they are running under those mammoth arches?? i have a model car to scale of that car except in black, won it on german ebay.
Re: Need Ideas -- pics (littledevil34)

I want that body kit off the white car real bad. You casn get something from KWL in Geramny for $450 US but shipping is the killer
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Re: Need Ideas -- pics (eurotrashrabbit)

I was thinking about molding pieces of a mid 90's 3 series bmw (not M3) sideskirt onto a clipper sideskirt. I almost like the M3 style skirts sold by R&A but the lines aren't straight enough to look right on a rabbit and they just dont fit like the clipper kit. I think this would look pretty good with slightly modified Mk2 style big bumpers.
I'll try to dig up some pics
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