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Need info on Neuspeed P-Chip

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Hey guys,
I know this has been beat down to death, but I HONESTLY tried to search for this topic in the VWVortex search engine.
None the less... I just bought myself a 95 VR6 motor and tranny and halfway done swapping it in for a 2.slow...
It's an OBD I and by fluke, came with a set of cams, K&N filter, and neuspeed P-chip.
What is the difference between the Neuspeed vs the GIAC? I know everyone swears by them, but what gives? Should I be thinking of buying a GIAC anyways?
PS. I saw the light... VR is the only way to go!

And I know.. that I have to change my signature. All foulty.. all faulty!

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Re: Need info on Neuspeed P-Chip (Grumpy-Smurf)

The difference between the neuspeed and GIAC is night and day. Well, that's what my friend says that has had both in his 98 vr. Plus, the neuspeed chip probably isn't taking advantage of those aftermarket cams like the GIAC can with a simple $20 reprogramming. See the light and get GIAC!

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Re: Need info on Neuspeed P-Chip (Grumpy-Smurf)

i got a dyno to show you...it's even better cause it deals with the problem that the neuspeed chip doesnt take care of with cams
Re: Need info on Neuspeed P-Chip (VR6roar)

Nice graph what are the mods in the smooth run? http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Need info on Neuspeed P-Chip (germanrox)

The Neuspeed chip is actually pretty good for an OBDI engine. Also, even though they do not advertise it, Neuspeed will do a chip upgrade for a small fee depending on the mods done to your car...
Re: Need info on Neuspeed P-Chip (Legal Alien VR6)

Neuspeed will modify the programming?
My car is an OBD I.
I dunno how much difference that makes with the OBD II.
Since I am getting the neuspeed chip with the motor's ECU, then I'll keep it for the time being.
Re: Need info on Neuspeed P-Chip (Grumpy-Smurf)

quote:[HR][/HR]Neuspeed will modify the programming?
Yep. Just send the chip to them and tell them what upgrades you have done to your car. When I was N/A, I had them burn me a custom chip for 268 cams with a 7500 rpm rev limiter plus some other stuff (upgrade from a standard P-Chip)... It worked great!!
Re: Need info on Neuspeed P-Chip (vr6willeatyou)

268º, giac chip, air filter, removed resonator, UR pulleys...i'm not sure if i had the eip throttle body on at that point
Re: Need info on Neuspeed P-Chip (VR6roar)

Does anyone know what the speciofics are about the neuspeed chip?
What rev limiter is? etc???
Re: Need info on Neuspeed P-Chip (Grumpy-Smurf)

Standard P-Chip:
Idle ~ 800-850 rpms
Rev limiter 7000 rpms
Speed limiter removed
Re: Need info on Neuspeed P-Chip (Marc A. Brown)

For some strange reason I think the P-chip limiter is set to 6,800rpm yet it actaully stops at 6,900rpms. I set my cut off on my old dyno run at 7,000rpm and the chip stopped it at 6,900rpms. Any way I don't think the P-chip is all that bad. I do know on my last dyno run with my new header and Garret V11 my car leaned out twice you could see it on the graph and I could hear it ping. I had installed the header on the car a month before the dyno as well so it did have time to learn. Before the header the Garret worked perfectly better than any other chip I had used. I have since switched over to a Custom P-chip and my dyno numbers are better and the dip is a lot smaller when the VGI flap opens as well as no lean spots or pinging. To be honest I think every chip is about the same it's just that some work better with different set ups.
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