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need longer test drive - any ideas?

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I've been lurking these boards for a while, and you folks have helped me to consider the Golf TDI to replace my '91 Saab 900. I have taken two test drives from Cleveland area dealers. I really like the car and it's clearly a great highway cruiser for that portion of my daily commute. But I'm not certain if it can compete in the cut-and-thrust of urban driving. (let's leave chips out of this for now) What I think would help me decide is to have a car for a day or so, so I could test it in my real world. Does anyone know if there are TDI rentals available? any dealer with a TDI in the loaner fleet that might rent one?
thanks for you help/ideas.
Guy S.
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Re: need longer test drive - any ideas? (Craig)

quote:[HR][/HR]Try to arrange to borrow the demo for the day to take it to work and back. Leave your current vehicle with them. I had to leave my Accord with a VW dealer for a day while he got an independent appraiser to give a trade-in figure. Give your business to the dealer who is willing to accommodate you.[HR][/HR]​
That's exactly what my dad did several years ago with his Saab dealership. He was torn between an A6 and a 9-5. The 9-5 was lent to him on Saturday night and he gave it back Mon morning (fyi: this was in Illinois where blue laws prohibit dealerships from being open on Sundays).
He bought the 9-5.
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