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Need PS/steering rack - A3 compatible??

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As in: is the power steering pump/hoses/rack/whatever in a '94 Corrado the same as those in later Golf/Jetta VR6s?
It appears I will need a new pump and maybe some hoses, etc..
Trying to find out if they're interchangeable - a lot more Golf/Jetta parts available than Corrado parts, I would think..
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Re: Need PS/steering rack - A3 compatible?? (CorradoKidd)

B4 Passat rack will work too, you just need to adjust the tie-rod ends (do an alignment). Your existing hoses will bolt up to either rack, infact I'm using the B4 rack in my 85 Jetta with the stock hoses. I do have the plus suspension, so I didn't have to switch out the tie-rods, it's all a bolt-on deal.

If you need a cheap pressure hose, go to Autozone and buy one for any 85-92 G/J. To use this hose in the Corrado or any A3 you just need to ditch the banjo bolt at the pump, and just bolt on the new hose (just like the A2).

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